かんなののほほんぶろぐ♪ ~ひよっこ通訳の日々~
[ABC] day of reckoning
米証券会社の破たん Sept 16, 2008

This was the day we were afraid to wake up to:
the bankruptcy of one major Wall Street investment bank, a shotgun wedding of another.

Some called it the end of an era, others, a day of reckoning.

It was a day for the history books on Wall Street.

You go to sleep on Friday and you wake up on Monday and things have just completely turned around.

The die was cast this weekend after emergency meetings between government officials and Wall Street executives failed to produce a buyer for Lehman.

The suitors were looking for government guarantees against Lehman's billions in bad debts.

The Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson refused, sending the message that there would be no more bailouts at the taxpayer's expense.

(ウォール街の)大手証券会社が破たんし 別の1社も(やむを得ない)合併



(金曜日に寝て、月曜日に目が覚めたら)週が明けたら 世界が一変していました

政府(高官)と金融大手(幹部)が(緊急)協議したが 誰も(リーマンの)救済を引き受けなかった

今後 税金による救済はしないと 示唆した

Keyword: day of reckoning: 「審判の日」 「決算日」「借金を清算する日」
reckon: 計算する、感情する
Judgement Day: 大胆な実験
shotgun wedding : 1. できちゃった婚、妊娠によるやむを得ない結婚、強制結婚
2. 必要に迫られて行う妥協、強引な提携
the die was cast: サイコロが投げられた=事態が動いた
suitor: 買収を考えている企業、引き受け先となる企業
Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson: ハンク・ポールソン財務長官
bailout: 救済


[ABC] have it all
ペイリン氏と働く母親たち Sept 5, 2008

For women all over the country, Sarah Palin is not just a politician running for high office, she's a working mother of five trying to have it all.

Four women we gathered, two for Obama and two for McCain, reflect the raw feelings Palin's candidacy has stirred.

I think she can do it, I mean, I think you have to have the help behind you.

She's willing to short-change her family, that's her business. Don't short-change the nation.

Clearly, Governor Palin is channeling the deep ambivalence women feel about juggling a job and a family.

But whether you think she can or she can't, she should or she shouldn't, Sarah Palin has made her decision and she seems determined to have it all.

(世界中の)女性にとってペイリン氏はただの候補者ではなく すべてを手にしたい働く5児の母





だがあなたがどう思っていようと 本人にはすべてを手にする決意があるようだ

Keyword: have it all
do it all すべてを行う
juggling a job and a family 仕事と家庭を両立させる
juggle 手品 お手玉をする やりくりする さばく

high office 高位、高官
raw feelings 露骨な感情
stir ~を動かす、かき回す、かき混ぜる、煽る
1. to give less money than is due in change
2. to cheat by depriving of something due
ambivalence 両面性、両面感情[価値]、アンビバレンス