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[ABC] food insecure
アメリカ人家庭の“食糧不安” Nov 28, 2008

The combination of rising food prices and a faltering economy will make this a very tough holiday season for so many Americans.

The number of people receiving food stamps is expected to surpass 30 million this month. That's a record.

Now we're in that time of year where we see that public gesture to those who cannot pay: the free Thanksgiving dinner.

Here in Washington, they fed 5,000 people, a thousand more than last year.

At food banks in California and Illinois and Maryland, staff says the level of need is unprecedented.

In all, the federal government was reporting more than 36 million Americans live in households that it calls “food insecure,” 12 million of those are children.



今年の感謝祭でも生活困窮者に 無料の食事が提供された

ワシントンでは 去年を上回る5,000人に配給

カリフォルニア州、(イリノイ州、メリーランド州)などの食糧銀行には― かつてない数の利用者が訪れる(とスタッフは言う)

(連邦)政府の報告によると― “食糧不安”の家庭で暮らしている 米国人は3,600万人以上、(そのうちの) 1,200万人が子供だ

Keyword: food insecure: 食料不安
food stamp: 食料切符
food bank: 食料銀行
rising food prices: 食料価格の高騰
faltering economyt: 経済の低迷
falter: 行き詰る、低迷する
public gesture: 気管


[ABC] materialism
子どもと景気後退 Nov 27, 2008

62% of the teens in our poll said their parents have cut back on spending.

I think this economy is going to give parents the opportunity to regroup in terms of the values that we're teaching our children with respect to money and materialism.

For children under seven, doctors say, just be reassuring.

Tweens on the other hand can be taught the difference between wants and needs, that they don't need every cool thing they see.

And teenagers can take responsibility, perhaps earn the money for something they want.

Jeanette and Gary Stoneman tried something when their kids whined for new stuff. They got a notebook and had the kids write down things they were grateful for. Very little of what they listed were material things.






Keyword: materialism:物質主義
the opportunity to regroup the values with respect to money and materialism: お金や物質主義にかかわる価値観を見直す機会
material things: 形あるモノ」やお金を最優先する考え方。
wants and needs:欲しい物と必要な物
cut back on spending:節約する、出費を切り詰める

[ABC] going-out-of-business sale
閉店セールの値札 Nov 26, 2008

The signs are meant to build excitement.

But when we went shopping at the Linens 'n Things liquidation sale, we were able to peel back the surface price tags on several products to reveal lower prices below.

For example, this curtain was $47.99 at the going-out-of-business sale.

But back when Linens 'n Things had it on clearance, we could have gotten it for $19.99.

So, what's going on here?

Many people don't realize professional liquidators run most going-out-of-business sales.

We compared prices at closing stores run by the liquidators with those at regular stores run by the company.

Out of 60 products, 1/3 were the same price or less at the Circuit City stores that are not going out of business.



例えばこのカーテン 閉店セールでは$47.99だが―



清算人が仕切る閉店する店と 普通営業の店で値段を比べた

60品目のうち(3分の一の)20品目で 閉店する店と同じ値段かそれより低価格だった

Keyword: going-out-of-business sale:閉店セール

go out of business:廃業する
peel back the surface of price tag: 値札の裏をめくる
liquidation sale: 清算セール、閉店セール

[ABC] risky asset
シティグループへの支援策 Nov 25, 2008

The bank is getting $20 billion in cash from the government's $700 billion rescue fund on top of the $25 billion it received just a month ago.

But now the government is going even further: for the first time, guaranteeing up to $306 billion in risky assets held by the bank.

This is the route they should have gone all along.

The approach of giving money to the banks without, you know, carving out or guaranteeing
their problem assets, you're leaving the fear factor still there.

Today, President Bush said his administration will do what's necessary to safeguard the financial system.

After today's bailout, those safeguards now seem to include dealing with toxic assets.


政府はさらに踏み込み、(銀行が保有する)不良資産の(上限)3,060億ドルについて 初めて保証することにした

正しい方針です [最初からずっと取るべき方法でした]
(解決方法を見出す、または)問題のある資産に触れず[保証せずに]資金を投入するだけの方法では 懸念材料が残ったままです

金融の安定化に手を尽くすと ブッシュ大統領は言う


Keyword risky asset「不良資産」 
 toxic asset, problem asset, troubled asset

guaranteeing up to $306 billion in risky assets held by the bank
toxic asset:不良資産
TARP:Troubled Assets Relief Program 不良資産救済プログラム
fear factor:懸念材料
rescue fund:救済資金 
government's rescue fund:公的資金
carve out:切り開く、開拓する

[ABC] stem cell
肝細胞を利用した移植手術 Nov 20, 2008

Four months after surgery, doctors say Claudia Castillo is doing great, breathing normally and taking none of the drugs most transplant patients need to prevent their bodies from rejecting a new organ.

Four years ago, she was crippled by a bout of tuberculosis which destroyed the section of her windpipe leading to her left lung.

They took stem cells from her own bone marrow and used them to grow her a new piece of windpipe in the lab.

After seven weeks, it was implanted near Claudia Castillo's lung.

You're using the patient's own cells, so there is absolutely no chance of rejection.

Researchers say stem cells are important, because they can be used to grow almost any other type of cell in the body.

医師団によると 手術後4か月のこの女性(クラウディア・カスティヨさん)は元気だ

4年前 この女性は結核が原因で  左肺に続く気管の一部を損傷した

本人の骨髄から幹細胞を取り出し 研究室で(新しい)気管を培養した


患者自身の細胞なので 拒絶反応が出る可能性は皆無です

各種の細胞の培養を可能にするため 幹細胞は重要だ

Keyword: stem cell: 肝細胞

daring experiment: 大胆な実験
transplant : 移植
crippled: 体が不自由になる、~に陥る、見舞われる
bout: 発作、一時的な
tuberculosis: 結核
windpipe: 気管
the section of her windpipe leading to her left lung: 左肺に続く気管の一部
bone marrow:骨髄
organ transplant:臓器移植

[ABC] watchdog dads
学校へ行く父親たち Nov 18, 2008

Watchdog dads, an innovative program to get fathers involved in their kids' schools.

People ask me all the time, "Why has this been so successful?"
It's the right thing to do.

Brandon Shields has gone back to school.

I'm Rick Zappata, and Sherrick's dad.

They are among the thousands of men known as watchdog dads who take a day off work...

We are awesome!

...and spend it at their local schools.

It started very small, just two dads worried about safety in their children's school.

They both volunteered at school, convinced other dads to join them and the idea just took off.

The watchdog program is now in schools in 30 states: 45,000 dads and growing.

(革新的プログラム、)“父親の会”は (父親を巻き込み)子どもの学校の教育を支援する

(それは) これが正しいことだからです






わが子の学校の安全のために2人の父親がボランティアを始め ほかの父親を勧誘して(このアイディアは)広まった

(いまや父親の会プログラムの)活動は全米30州に拡大 4万5,000人以上が参加して(今も拡大し続て)いる

Keyword: watchdog dads: 父親の会 (おやじの会)-学校で安全を見守り教育を支援する父親たち

watchdog: 番犬 見張り役
transplant : 移植

[ABC] President-elect
動き出した次期大統領 Nov 6, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama had little to say to reporters today as he entered an office building in downtown Chicago to meet with top staff to plan his presidency.

Obama announced today his official transition team, which includes former Bill Clinton White House Chief of Staff John Podesta.

Obama has offered the White House chief of staff job to Illinois Congressman
Rahm Emanuel, the sharp-tongued, sharp-elbowed keenly intelligent veteran of the Clinton White House.

Tomorrow in Chicago, Senator Obama will be briefed by the national security, the Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell and CIA briefers on Iraq, Iran and al Qaeda.

Now the serious, serious work begins.




Keyword: President-elect: 次期大統領
electoral votes: 選挙人投票
chief of staff: 首席補佐官
sharp-tongued: 辛らつな
sharp-elbowed: 〔交渉}の駆け引きなどが〕厳しい、困難な
Director of National Intelligence : 国家情報長官
transition: (政権)移行
presidency: 大統領としての統治

[ABC] collective will
アメリカ大統領選挙 Nov 5, 2008

Welcome to World News. Tonight, McCain and Obama, their final appeals.

Get out there and vote. I need your help.
Did you vote for me? I like that.

Their total focus, the 270 electoral votes needed to win.
No matter which one wins, it's history.

In schools, community centers, firehouses, libraries and courthouses across the country today, Americans are expressing their collective will.

It is being done peacefully, it is being done enthusiastically,
it is being done in what appears to be record numbers.

Two of those who voted early today were Barack Obama in Chicago and John McCain in Phoenix.

今晩のワールドニュースは (マケイン氏とオバマ氏)両候補による選挙戦最後の訴え

投票した? ありがとう


全米中の学校 地域センター 消防署 図書館そして裁判所で アメリカ国民全体の意志を示されている それは平和的かつ熱狂的に行われ 記録的な数字になりそうだ


Keyword: collective will: 全体の意志、国民の総意
electoral votes: 選挙人投票

[ABC] day of reckoning
米証券会社の破たん Sept 16, 2008

This was the day we were afraid to wake up to:
the bankruptcy of one major Wall Street investment bank, a shotgun wedding of another.

Some called it the end of an era, others, a day of reckoning.

It was a day for the history books on Wall Street.

You go to sleep on Friday and you wake up on Monday and things have just completely turned around.

The die was cast this weekend after emergency meetings between government officials and Wall Street executives failed to produce a buyer for Lehman.

The suitors were looking for government guarantees against Lehman's billions in bad debts.

The Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson refused, sending the message that there would be no more bailouts at the taxpayer's expense.

(ウォール街の)大手証券会社が破たんし 別の1社も(やむを得ない)合併



(金曜日に寝て、月曜日に目が覚めたら)週が明けたら 世界が一変していました

政府(高官)と金融大手(幹部)が(緊急)協議したが 誰も(リーマンの)救済を引き受けなかった

今後 税金による救済はしないと 示唆した

Keyword: day of reckoning: 「審判の日」 「決算日」「借金を清算する日」
reckon: 計算する、感情する
Judgement Day: 大胆な実験
shotgun wedding : 1. できちゃった婚、妊娠によるやむを得ない結婚、強制結婚
2. 必要に迫られて行う妥協、強引な提携
the die was cast: サイコロが投げられた=事態が動いた
suitor: 買収を考えている企業、引き受け先となる企業
Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson: ハンク・ポールソン財務長官
bailout: 救済

[ABC] have it all
ペイリン氏と働く母親たち Sept 5, 2008

For women all over the country, Sarah Palin is not just a politician running for high office, she's a working mother of five trying to have it all.

Four women we gathered, two for Obama and two for McCain, reflect the raw feelings Palin's candidacy has stirred.

I think she can do it, I mean, I think you have to have the help behind you.

She's willing to short-change her family, that's her business. Don't short-change the nation.

Clearly, Governor Palin is channeling the deep ambivalence women feel about juggling a job and a family.

But whether you think she can or she can't, she should or she shouldn't, Sarah Palin has made her decision and she seems determined to have it all.

(世界中の)女性にとってペイリン氏はただの候補者ではなく すべてを手にしたい働く5児の母





だがあなたがどう思っていようと 本人にはすべてを手にする決意があるようだ

Keyword: have it all
do it all すべてを行う
juggling a job and a family 仕事と家庭を両立させる
juggle 手品 お手玉をする やりくりする さばく

high office 高位、高官
raw feelings 露骨な感情
stir ~を動かす、かき回す、かき混ぜる、煽る
1. to give less money than is due in change
2. to cheat by depriving of something due
ambivalence 両面性、両面感情[価値]、アンビバレンス